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 Belo Caffeine Slimming Massage Slimming Cream Weight Loss Anti-Cellulite Product

Belo Caffeine Slimming Massage Slimming Cream Weight Loss Anti-Cellulite Product
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Goods Brief


[Product Introduction]


Belo caffeine slimming massage cream containing Cuiqu caffeine, natural essential oils of pepper, ivy, seaweed extract, phospholipids, capsule and other ingredients that can effectively break down the excess fat, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerate fat metabolism, and thus oxidation excess fall fat, both the effect of the strong muscles in order to achieve weight-loss!

主要成份:天然辣椒精油、常春藤、海藻精华、Excerarl-Ho Excel T-95、Water.MP 、PP Main ingredients: natural pepper essential oil, ivy, seaweed extract, Excerarl-Ho Excel T-95, Water.MP, PP


Thin DD, contains caffeine, beans Cuiqu natural, gentle formula, students reins, seaweed extract and other natural ingredients with moisture directly to the skin, shrink and promote perspiration effect, promote blood circulation to shrink fat to lose weight the function.


【贝罗辣椒瘦身霜和咖啡瘦身霜的区别】 [Belo chili slimming cream and coffee of thin cream difference]


The effect of Belo Series most outstanding also sell the best-selling - chili slimming cream and coffee thin cream.


The taste of chili slimming cream is hot, proposed previously used Belo can choose pepper.



According to customer response, the effect of pepper Belo slimming cream inside!


! Coffee slimming cream taste compared with chili relatively light, smells good, is the faint aroma of coffee ~ coffee slimming cream before recommendations from friends have not used the coffee, if you are afraid of chili too spicy, we chose the coffee!



Effect is also outstanding!


【使用方法】 Use


Can be used for the body thick and fat than the fat parts (wrist, arm, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs) from bottom to top manner massage until absorbed.


After 15 minutes of use have a burning sense of can not be reused too many different skin burning feeling is also different.



If over the Heat can use alcoholic products to clean can reduce the sense of pan.

『选择方法一』 "Selection"


Some JMS told me that they are coated with a thin cream before the fitness, and then went to the fitness, said the best day can thin a pound!


『选择方法二』 Select "


If you are lazy, you can choose, after bath, coated with a thin cream, massage, and then wrap with plastic wrap, or put on Workout clothes.


Other sites crazy to sell product!



DD, from France's thin and contains a lot of chili ingredients, received more than the kose chili slimming products.



Whole new generation of red pepper Belo Slimming Massage Gel containing natural red pepper oil, Propolis, the natural extracts of ginger and seaweed extract composition, fat hypertrophy site can promote blood circulation, moisture, shrinkage, promote perspiration effect, promoting blood circulation in order to achieve the slim curve, the effect of slimming skin



Even reflect the effect of the first generation of a lot of MM is really good, especially with the most obvious in the arms and waist effect, a shorter time can feel the lift and fat reduced, adhere to a Sunday, waist and began to firm and flat.



The new second is to add a large number of Belo red pepper.



The first generation is the ginger juice as the main raw material.


大家推荐的强力瘦身产品. 价格优惠,效果突出.

We recommend a powerful weight-loss products. Price, with outstanding results.


Large capacity equipment, even if the body every day use, can also be used for a long time!


Poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive stress ... and other unhealthy habits, will add the orange peel skin and obesity



Belo slimming products, but also with a healthy lifestyle to achieve a multiplier effect!

一天三餐,定时进食 Three meals a day, timing eating


Ensure the timing is very important to eat three meals a day, eating habits and the body's natural rhythm of harmony.

零食勿近 Snacks do not close

零食会扰乱身体的自然消化节奏。 Snacks will disrupt the body's natural digestive rhythm.

避免过度丰富的晚餐 Avoid over-rich dinner


At night, the body tends to store more fat, 70% or 80% of the diet, should be completed in half a day before the day.

饮食均衡 A balanced diet

避免过量盐分和酒精,多吃水果蔬菜。 To avoid excessive salt and alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables.



The body can slow absorption of the integrity of starch, such as pasta and rice, and try to avoid refined starches such as candy and cakes.

每天饮用1至2公升的白开水 Drinking 1-2 liters of drinking water a day

水份能帮助身体排除毒素。 The water can help the body eliminate toxins.

经常运动 Regular exercise


The lack of movement, the body's metabolism and blood circulation will slow.


Sports the best time is before breakfast, when the body's natural release of fat.



Multi-point motion of the body, can choose to walk to instead of driving, use the stairs instead of elevators.

时常享受身体按摩 Often enjoy the body massage


Do some light massage before going to bed with the body's natural circadian rhythm, and promote the blood circulation of the fat cells, which relax the body and promote detoxification.




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